A Psalm of Thanks

[Thank you to Rabbi Rachel Barenblat for providing the Psalm writing workshop in which I could write this. Thank you to both Rabbi Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi David Evan Markus for providing me prayer space in which to feel like this last Shabbat.]

What a wonder - brokenness
What a luxury - despair

Most days I don’t have the time
I can’t bother with wallowing
I can’t allow myself to sink
There’s so much else calling

Still, in the deeps
In the fractures
With a little time I find space
And some relief
Some solace in feeling
Anything that is only mine

With a second, when I am not needed
I am be grateful
For hurts and sadness

My breaks are mendable 
My grief is not so great
Facing the world
Listening to my tiny breakings 
I can see them for what they are