A Meditation Using the Sh'ma

When we go for a walk, especially in nature, we invite in change for the better. Green spaces improve our moods, change our outlooks, and walking in them gives us a boost. I love the quiet, and it reminds me to listen. Listening allows me to connect with inner sources of strength that I often forget about. Our central meditation asks us to listen, and the build upon our selves in the hearing.

“Shema Yisrael – Listen closely Israel…” – if we quiet our inner voices we can hear the wisdom from all around us – from people and from trees, from our teachers and from our students.

“Adonai Eloheinu – God is OUR God…” – when we listen closely we can hear those messages that may in fact be on our side and not against us. On first hearing I often make things as bad as possible – this must be my fault, I must have done something wrong. When I remind myself that the universe may not be against me, that it often offers assistance, I can hear things differently – maybe this is happening for a good reason, maybe it will turn out for the better.

“Adonai Echad – God is ONE…” – there is only one universe, and it may turn out for the better or for the worse at any moment. Still the picture will always be bigger than us, and probably beyond our understanding. Let us hold off from making final judgments. Let us accept that we can always get more context.

“Listen Israel…”