Happy Purim - Spirituality in Mockery and Laughter!

Purim rocks as the best Jewish holiday! Why? Just look at our Purim traditions…

1)   Party – dress up and mock our normal figures and texts of authority.

2)   Listen – listen to the Book of Esther, definitely the funniest book of the Bible with the best interactive features – blotting out the name of the villain with loud noise!

3)   Give – send gifts of nourishment to your neighbors – no partying without giving so this is a guilt-free celebration when done correctly!

4)   Drink – for those of drinking age only, aim for a state of confusion about the hero and villain of the Book of Esther – please don’t reach that state and drive (or parent, or do anything else requiring responsibility)!


Celebrate Purim in all of these ways tonight, Wednesday, March 7, at Temple Beth El:


Purim Family Service & Megillah Reading

5:30pm - 6:15pm

appropriate for preschool through 7th grade


Shushan's Got Talent...Teen and Adult Purim Show

7pm - Shushan's Got Talent Purim Show

8pm - Hebrew High Party for Teens in Gorelick Hall

8pm - Purim Pastry Palooza & Coffee Bar with Assorted Liqueurs and wine for Adults at Temple Beth El

While congregants of all ages are welcome to attend the Teen and Adult Purim Show, the content is geared toward teens and adults and might be PG-13