Kaplan's, and my, Reconstructionism

Here is why I am a student of Kaplan, and continue to be so:
"Reconstructionism is a method, rather than a series of affirmations or conclusions concerning Jewish life or thought. Whatever I am about to state concerning my conception of God is Reconstructionist, only in the sense that I have arrived at it through the application of the Reconstructionist method.  I do not, by any means, claim that it is the only legitimate conception, even from a Reconstructionist point of view.  Nor should it be regarded as a Reconstructionist conception of God. It is not within the province of the movement to pronounce any one theology as truer than another.… As far as Jewish religion, with its teachings and rituals, is concerned, it matters very little how we conceive God, as long as we so believe in God that belief in Him makes a tremendous difference in our lives."                         
(Mordecai M. Kaplan, Questions Jews Ask: Reconstructionist Answers, 1956, pp. 81-86)