More Torah for today - this week's Parashah: Netzavim

“The hidden things are for Adonai our God, but the revealed-things are for us and for our children, for the ages, to observe all the words of this Instruction.” (Deuteronomy 29:28)

This quote from this week’s Torah reading, Nitzavim, speaks of differences between the mysteries that remain between us and our consciences, or our senses of the Infinite, and the teachings that we pass on to others.

The “hidden things” may be mystical ideas, or merely profound insights that may only come with long experience and deliberation.

This difference between the revealed and the hidden allows us to take comfort when the most central of our insights may be the hardest ideas to communicate to others. Such wisdom might still be mysterious. Only by living with it, and perhaps allowing those around us to see us live by its insights, may the teaching eventually become one of the “revealed-things” that we can pass along to others.

Discerning between the things we are able to convey, and those that must remain within us may help us better navigate our relationships.