Hoarding in Torah and at Trader Joe's

This week's Torah reading, the parasha (weekly section) called B'ha'alotecha, includes this quote from Numbers:

11:32 The people arose all that day and all night, and all the morrow day, gathering the quail, the least gathered ten homers. They spread them, spread them out, all around the camp. 33 The meat was still between their teeth - (the supply) not yet exhausted, when the anger of Adonai flared up among the people, and YHWH struck down among the people an exceedingly great striking. 34 So they called the name of that place Kivrot Ha-Taava/Burial-places of the Craving, for there they buried the people who had-the-craving.

I wonder if the hoarding of Trader Joe's pareve chocolate chips, (see the WSJ article here) may remind us that a Jewish observance that lends itself to such behavior might create a situation that the system of commandments in the Torah was originally designed to avoid.