A Beer Temple? Why not?

A congregant from TBY found a bar named "Bier Tempel" in Belgium, and thought it would make for a Temple he would attend more often. I love the idea, and decided that we could have beer/conversation themed evenings - I think this could work. I promise to supply mighty tasty potables and good conversation starters, paired, perhaps, like this:

- Guiness (the good stuff from the draught can), and “Diversity is good, as seen in the contrast between dark beer and light foam”.

- A good Belgian Trappist sipping brew, and “Celibacy – good for making excellent beer, not so good for anything else”.

- A micro-brewed Japanese rice beer, and “Free trade – if it leads to getting good beer more cheaply, may be worth shipping some jobs overseas”.

- He-brew, a micro-brewed amber ale, and “Should Jews stick to organizing, lawyering, and doctoring or drop it all for brewing?”

- A resinous IPA (thanks Bob for the suggestion), and "Does oppression by the English create both good beers and economic power-houses?"