DIY Passover

As we celebrate Passover this month, we come to the amazing challenge and opportunity of crafting a seder experience for our families.

What’s the seder supposed to be like, and can we do it for ourselves?

All of us grew up with a different seder – some were fun (I hope!), some were long and boring, some were entirely adult events where the kids were only brought in to seek out the afikomen near the end. The seder offers us a unique time to build our own Judaism in our homes.

The rabbis of the ancient world transferred authority for Passover from a central place, the Temple in Jerusalem, to a local place – everyone’s home. Every leader of every household, became the ritual guide for one night.

And all of us are qualified to do this!

Find a Haggadah that suits your tastes, or make one yourself – turn to any of your local rabbis for the Levine-Sklut Library for assistance if you need it. Make sure to cover all of the symbolic foods, ask lots of questions (at least four!), and help our families have a Passover that we will all remember fondly and use as a springboard to create our own Jewish rituals in the future!

And of course, don't miss the Temple Tots DIY Seder event this Saturday, March 31, 9:15am at Temple Beth El - activities for kids as adults learn how easy it is to put together our own seders.

A Happy Passover to all of you!