Shabbat Va-Yigash - January 7 - 9 Tevet

Torah Study this Shabbat
Saturday, January 7, 9:15 AM
Temple Beth Zion, 805 Delaware Ave.

Texts for this week come from Speaking Torah: Spiritual Teachings from around the Maggid's Table, edited by Arthur Green, and supporting texts from from the RA-UCSJ publication, Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary:

Speaking Torah - Va-Yigash

Etz Hayim - End of Mikeitz and beginning of Va-Yigash

Shabbat Va-Yeitzei - December 10

A reminder, this week's Shabbat Morning Torah Study and Shabbat Morning services at Temple Beth Zion will take place entirely at the Broder Building, 700 Sweet Home Road.

All events, Saturday, December 10, will be at the Broder Building, 700 Sweet Home Road so that we can coordinate with the Fifth Grade Retreat. Please join us for both learning and prayer and see our Fifth Graders receive their Torah portions for their B'nei Mitzvah.

Here are the texts we will be looking at during
Shabbat Morning Torah Study
Saturday, December 10, 9:15 AM, TBZ Broder Building, 700 Sweet Home Rd.

Jacob's Dream, Nehama Leibowitz

Opening Verses of Va-Yeitzei