Shabbat B'Midbar - May 18-19 - 5 Sivan

Torah Study this Shabbat
Saturday, May 19, 9:15 AM
Temple Beth Zion, 805 Delaware Ave.

This week we discuss B'Midbar - the opening section of the Book of Numbers, better called the Book of the Wilderness. We will look at the ideas behind the census, who gets counted, and what it means to be in the Wilderness of Sinai.

Our discussion texts come from Rabbi Sheldon Lewis' Torah of Reconciliation, and Rabbi Bradley Shavit-Artson's book, The Bedside Torah. We will look at original texts and commentaries from the Commentators' Bible edited by Michael Carasik.

Torah of Reconciliation - B'Midbar

Shavit-Artson - B'Midbar

Commentators' Bible - B'Midbar Source