Shabbat B'har-B'chukotai - May 20 - 24 Iyar

Torah Study this Shabbat
Saturday, May 20, 9:15 AM
Temple Beth Zion, 805 Delaware Ave.

Texts for this week come from Torah Sparks, a weekly commentary from the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, written this week by Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, with supporting texts from The Commentators' Bible: Leviticus, edited by Michael Carasik, and The Pentateuch and Rashi's Commentary, by Rabbi Abraham ben Isaiah and Rabbi Benjamin Sharfman:

B'har by Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb

Commentators' Bible & Rashi - Opening of B'har

Here is the description by the editor and translator of the Commentators' Bible of the people and content of the page:
Commentators' Bible - What's on the page