Getting back into it

After a long hiatus, I have returned to start this project again.

Upcoming posts will include an expansion of Reality-Based Spirituality - including some commentaries stemming from the study of Martin Buber's I and Thou, and Barbara Ehrenreich's book, Bright Sided.

Today, I am merely working on the challenge of return - returning to an old place as a new person.

Ginny, my wife, recently got struck by the insight that with the universe in constant motion, we never return to the same spot, ever - an expanded view of the old adage about never being able to step into the same water in a river twice.

We have returned to Northern Nevada after a long hiatus - a rabbinic sabbatical of nearly four months. During that time I worked quite a lot on personal emotional growth, and our return to our home has been punctuated by a need to feel like we will not slide back to where we started. And of course, we can't really.

Yet, that is little solace as we try to return to regular habits and rhythms - especially the positive ones. I am working on a consciousness of things, a deliberation, so that I think deeply about my responses to events going on around me. I hope to work on being a better agent for the values that I care most deeply about - compassion for others, reverence for the universe, and agency for bringing those values into the world.

In all of this, what I find to be spiritual is the breathing in the moment of reaction, working to opt for saying, "Give me time to think about this," as opposed to coming up with an answer right away. I hope to find some connection to deeper meaning in better pauses.