Fitting training in on the first day of kindergarten

Thanks to Ginny for making sure I got a run in today, even if it was a quick hill training session.

Figuring out how to sprint in a better gait for barefoot running - instead of lengthening stride, increasing repetitions, which I have been practicing, was pretty cool in a sprint up a hill too!

Here's the link to the session, not much to look at.

Slow warm up and still pretty quick

I stuck to my slower mile as a warm up and still kept up a pretty good average as I push towards an 8 minute/mile goal for my regular runs. Ran the first mile in 9:30, and then only dropped pace a bit on mile 4. Getting better.

I should be including more formal speed sessions and hill sessions in coming weeks, and beginning to slowly add a long run as well.

Stay tuned!

Here are the details for today's run.

Week of travel - finally got out to run...

So, now in my third fourth location since last Saturday evening (home in NC, Washington DC, NYC, and now Dutchess County), and I finally got out to run.

I was poised to run on Wednesday and then Jude asked me to help him write a note to his grandmother - I chose quality time with my five year old, so that's a small moral victory!

Today I ran an out and back in Dutchess - a little hillier than my normal routes and a week since my last run, but I still managed to keep a decent pace for my new normal distance of a little bit more than 5 miles.

Here are the details.

I have been running this week!

Just not posting this week until today, so here we go...

Quick run in NYC on Monday - got interrupted, so hardly worth noting, although it was about twice as long as recorded on the mapmyfitness workout. Started to see that I could go pretty fast on the flats though.

Wednesday and today, I ran the same distance and course, coming in at around 5.3 miles, and I am working on Galloway's shorter more frequent pauses. So on Wednesday I did 4 minutes running, 40 seconds walking, and today I did 4 minutes running, 30 seconds walking, which is Galloway's suggestion for running 8 minute miles. I got the first two in at under 8:00 and slowed down a bit for the rest of the run. I am pretty psyched by the improvement, and am only having a little soreness in one calf-shin.

Here's the link to the run today.

A little farther, a little slower

This is my mostly maintain distance and speed week - will look for more increases next week.

So today, I was able to keep my speed as it has been, and just increase the distance to include the final hill up to our house. Came out as slower, since I added my 6th minute of walking between 35:00 and 36:00.

It will be nice and fast if I can complete this run in the 35 minute range by the end of the week, before I push on to 5 mile regular runs.

Here are the details.

Moved under 8:30

Even feeling tired and out of it, I still improved my slightly more than 4 miles time today, getting my average per mile to 8:29 and still walking a full minute every sixth minute.

I am moving to a new method when I get Galloway's latest book, and we'll see how that works!

Also, for those Star Wars fans and parents out there, responding to my son's desire to see the ATAT walker shape in which I have been running be appropriately portrayed with its forward laser cannons, I added them on to the front.

Or, you could say I made the pooch in the map stick its tongue out!

Either way, here's the link to the workout

Hot, but I got out!

Yesterday's workout here, and I was psyched about my first two miles coming in at under 17 minutes! My third mile was slower, but it included 2 minutes of walking as opposed to the normal one minute. Walking every 6th minute means that if I finish 2 miles by minute 17, I will have only walked two minutes, and I need to go MUCH faster to only walk one minute on that 3rd mile. Also, I was tired from going so fast in the heat ;-)

Good run this AM - now to increase mileage

Ran a short and sweet 3.2 miles this morning - here's the workout link - my average time is definitely falling. I am using a Galloway method to increase speed and endurance - that means I walk every 6th minute, so the pace is actually better than it looks.

I have now been running on minimal shoes, the running barefoot idea, for over six months and I love it. Shorter stride, mid-foot strike, more thoughtful and careful running and working to avoid injury.

Next step - find a marathon to train for so that I can work towards my Boston qualifying time. I am thinking Kiawa Island in December.