Ran 16 miles yesterday - you can help by doing much less!

Here are my mental health maintenance activities on the weekend of Shabbat Tshuvah, the Sabbath of Repentance:
- 16 mile run.
- Two walks around the local lake with Sadie.
- Going with Jude and Sadie to Monkey Joe's.
- Officiating at a wedding and attending the beautiful Memorial Service at the Hebrew Cemetery of Charlott.

What have you done for your mental health this weekend?

Join me in advocating for mental health for everyone - you don't even need to run any miles, although you are welcome to join me in that too (you can run/walk a 5K, or run a half marathon instead of the full as well). Make sure to join the Run for Wellness team!

And of course, you can support the cause financially here:
Contribute to Run for Wellness

Run for Wellness - Less than 9 weeks to go!

Today I did my Tempo Run of the week - including an attempt to do 3 tempo miles at an 8 minute per mile pace or better (I did that on one).

Couldn't get out and exercise or join the Run for Wellness team? How about a donation for the sake of American mental health - check out the campaign here:

Run for Wellness

Join me in de-stigmatizing mental health and making it an American priority.