Last two runs

So, did a temp run today and slowed down in my second and third splits - I suppose that's what happens when I start going downhill and finish going uphill :-) Keeping my speed pretty good and still walking 30 seconds every mile, except for the last - I felt too good!
Here's the detailed workout.

Also got in my interval training run on Monday - 6 x 800's, with 90 seconds walking between them. I was pretty happy with this run too.

Next run, on Saturday, an easy paced 10 miles.

Back on the road and longer...

After a week long hiatus due to the High Holy Day craziness, I decided to try and increase mileage while keeping my pace not too fast. Started out slowly, and slowly increased pace throughout the 7 miles, keeping the 4 minutes running, 30 seconds walking, the whole way, and correcting when I blew it :-)

Overall, felt great - awesome to be running longer again and feeling like I could go farther.

Here are the details - if you can't click through to them, "friend" me on Map My Fitness.

This week's runs - mountains on one!

Sunday I got out and ran on the Blue Ridge Parkway - gorgeous! And slow - I have forgotten what it's like to run at a little altitude and up serious hills, oy!

Here are the details on that one.

Today, after walking to Kindergarten, I managed to get in my normal distance plus a little more, at my relatively normal pace now - still lots of work to do. Got up to close to 5.5 miles though!

Details on today's run.

Fitting training in on the first day of kindergarten

Thanks to Ginny for making sure I got a run in today, even if it was a quick hill training session.

Figuring out how to sprint in a better gait for barefoot running - instead of lengthening stride, increasing repetitions, which I have been practicing, was pretty cool in a sprint up a hill too!

Here's the link to the session, not much to look at.