2 Passes of the Death Ride!

Made it up Ebbets Pass (starting at route 89) in 1:45 today!

Then continued on to Hermit Valley, and made it back - a long ride, but excellent progress and preparation for the Death Ride in 7 days.

Here's the workout link.

Great soundtrack for today's ride too...

- A few episodes of Fresh Air - 5/31/2010 - stories from wars; 6/2 - a great interview with Samantha Bee, and a fascinating interview with a film maker working on a documentary about two Jihadi's; 6/4 - Ayelet Waldman, another good interview, and a good talk with Paul McCartney - including a fantastic poem he wrote about John which I will have to find for Yizkor this year; 6/7 - about the "poverty industry" - loans and credit to the poorest Americans; 6/8 - interesting story on the building of the Hoover Dam.

- And my downhill mix, which played: Black Eyed Peas, Gogol Bordello, Aretha Franklin, and Bruce Springsteen.