Death Ride Rabbi Confirmed!

On Saturday, July 10, after nearly 12 hours on the bike, and more than 13 hours on the course, I rolled into the final rest stop atop the fifth and final pass to climb, completing the entirety of the Death Ride, and receiving my 5-Pass pin and patch (lost the patch in the final descent, oops! ;-D).

Physically drained, but thankfully not that sore, and missing the promised ice cream (they had sent the truck away to the main finishing area), I said the "Shehehcheyanu" with my Bahai Biking Buddy (everyone should have one!).

Along the way, I did enjoy moments of the ride, especially downhill moments. In truth, after the first climb, I regularly told myself that I had no need to finish, and could accept 2 passes, or 3, or 4, or 4 and a half, since not everyone rides all 5!

Still faced some tightness and pain in my right hamstring, but found some on-the-bike stretches to work those out. Got off the bike to drink and supplement with energy goo and snacks often. Raced to make the cutoff to start the 5th pass (4pm), and made it to the 5:15pm cutoff with time to spare so that the last climb, Carson pass, could be taken "at leisure".

Finishing the Death Ride definitely counts as a mental and spiritual triumph, at least equal to finishing my first marathon, and completing my first under 4 hour marathon as well.

Here I am after having completed the last descent and met up with Ginny and Jude:

I look forward to more relaxed riding for the rest of the summer!