Longest, most difficult ride yet!

Wednesday, May 26 - I started out sometime after 10am in moderately sunny weather at the bottom of Kingsbury Grade, on the Valley side. Climbed Kingsbury in occasional snow and hail (the little stuff, not the chunky stuff), and managed to climb in 1:19, my fastest Kingsbury time yet.

Descended Kingsbury towards the Lake, out of the precipitation, headed towards Meyers on Pioneer Trail, into pretty strong winds that slowed me down to under 15 mph most of the time. Started up Luther Pass, and as soon as I began to gain altitude, got into real snow - big flakes and all. I was tired at that point, and stopped to drink a few times on the climb. Left the snow at the top. 

Fun descent - all those miles down from Luther, joining route 88, and then descending towards Woodfords, but was it cold! Especially as I was a little wet from all the precipitation. Headed over on Emigrant Trail to Foothills, and dried off in the warm wind pretty quickly.

Temperature differential from the bottom of Kingsbury when I finished, to the top of Kingsbury when I got home around 3:15pm - 67 degrees at the bottom, 41 degrees at the top!

Altogether, an awesome ride, and I was thrilled to finish it!

52.4 miles, 4160 feet of climbing, 4 hours and 25 minutes. Link to full route here.