And now the next journey begins...

Here are some things to do and read this week as we turn to the next tasks ahead - collaborating to craft a better world.

Shabbat Evening Honoring Veterans
Friday, November 11, 7:00 PM @ Temple Beth Zion, 805 Delaware Ave.
Music, prayer, learning, and reflections, celebrating Shabbat, honoring our Veterans, and inspiring us in unity as Jews and Americans. We can make things better together.
Join us for a light snack at the Happy Half Hour prior to services at 6:30 PM

Citizens over Oppression: A Peaceful Action
Sunday, November 13, Noon - 3:00 PM @ Niagara Square
This is a call to all who wish to see compassion and inclusion lead us.
We come together in support of the civil rights of all Americans of all ethnicity, race, religious heritage, gender, and ability.
Let's make it crystal clear Buffalo stands for a creative and vibrant future for everyone. 
This is a peaceful action meant to support each other and our freedom to gather and work together from all view points and perspectives. 
More details to come. Invite all you feel would come.


Some thoughts... 
This week we read from Lech L'cha - the beginning of the story of Abraham in Genesis - the original call to our ancestor, the father of the Hebrew people, to go out into the world and bravely connect with new people. 
Lech l'cha - go forth to ourselves - seek within before we connect with others. Let us find our better selves when we speak to one another.
Go out and heed the call to become our best selves. Share our blessings and so bless one another.
Our families, our neighbors, our communities, our country, and our world, need our best more than ever.
We transform our world with our attention.
We must all show up and pay attention to our feelings, our needs, our thoughts, and our plans.
Dig deep and connect to our neighbors.
Listen to those who hold different views - listen to the emotions behind the views, and let us build together.
Lech l'cha - go forth, connect to our souls, and connect to each other.